Meet Kinga


Kinga is a driven and charismatic individual with a vastly eclectic background in her life and career. Although she initially enjoyed a very successful corporate career in the field of international advertising, she felt that something in her life was missing. Therefore, she packed her suitcase and relocated to the Big Apple, NYC.....



Internationally Accredited Practitioner Training Course


Would you like to learn natural therapy and coaching skills?

I teach the ICPKP™ Professional Kinesiology program, which is the most effective Kinesiology training available. 


The program is taught in over 40 other affiliated colleges around the world, in more than 16 countries.

PKP™ is the widest accredited kinesiology course in the world.


PKP™ is at the forefront of the new frontier of energy medicine. PKP™ is the Gold standard in the industry.

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