Praise & Collaborations

Jersey city, US

London, UK

“I have found tremendous benefit in working with Kinga to improve the quality of my life over the last two years.  All my close family members, friends and business colleagues to whom I have recommended her, have also benefited from working with her.” Mr. R. Dinesh, Managing Director of TVS Logistics.

For the past five years I have been working with Mr. R. Dinesh and his family.


Mr Dinesh is the Managing Director of TVS Logistics,  an admired pioneer and leader of his industry. He is also a deeply spiritual person and has shared his wisdom through writing to The Hindu in the recent years.


On top of the private session offerings, we developed a very fruitful and exciting collaboration. We organised many spiritual talks in London and Jersey city, US. These talks were based on his articles of the 'Joy of Being' in the Hindu and were covering topics on exploring our Life Path and Reason for Being.

" In working with Kinga, she enabled in me the ability to dig deep, uncover my unique gifts and talents and achieve a level of leadership and success I wasn't sure was possible during a very difficult time in my life.  As a result of the leadership position I have attained, I am able to impact the lives of many more people than I ever thought possible.  Working with Kinga helped me identify and manifest the role I was meant to play in my life."

Jane K., Ass. Principal, New York City, US

"My session with Kinga was at a time when I was stuck between two choices, two potential business partners and two areas which I felt very connected to.  Working with Kinga gave me clarity and I was able to focus on what was important for me in terms of my vision and financial goals. I absolutely recommend working with her!" Bhairavi P., India

"Through Kinga’s kinesiology and coaching knowledge, we were able to identify what truly governs my art practice and the stumbling blocks that were holding me back. Together, we overcame these which has enabled my emotions to flow more easily when I am in my studio. This has had a positive impact my work. It has influenced the way I interpret landscapes and have been able to produce a greater number of paintings over the year." Candy Le Sueur, 

Painting:  “ No turning back “ 

Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

"I feel very balanced after my sessions with Kinga, her approach is all rounded and she uses many techniques to solve the problem! I have not experienced  a repeat of any of my issues after her sessions. Kinga's sessions are really great as they calm me and give me perspective. At the end of it I really feel healed. I am fortunate to be able to have access to her expertise" Bharthi Prakash, Founder of Studio Tara, Bespoke Jewelry 

Ketan Shah, an internationally celebrated acupressure doctor and author of 'Acupressure for Wellness'.

In India I had the privilege to meet Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi Homeopathic doctor and his son Dr Raj Sanghvi.


I found the collaboration with Dr. Sanghvi a phenomenal addition to my practitioner referral base, and I can recommend his clinic’s services from the bottom of my heart.

Reaching career goals

"I'm thinking that it is unbelievable, that all this happened...(in his career)...I'm very surprised to be honest. Thank you for your help!"

R.C., London, UK

Success in carrier with more confidence 

“Before our kinesiology coaching program I had problems handling conflict situations and how to present myself with confidence during business meetings. I take these challenges so much easier now! I started feeling the changes in a couple of days after our first session and I’ve been handling my carrier and business communications with growing success since then. Thank you Kinga once again for your help!” B. H., New Zealand

Health & Wellness testimonials

Drastically improved energy and immune functions

"I've never seen myself be this physically active!...For two weeks I started a supplementary work out routine at the gym, in addition to the training I was doing , this past week I've also started swimming and tennis ! It's incredible !!!!Thank you so much ! I can't wait to see how this unfolds :)

B. P., Chennai, Indi

Tension & Headaches Gone!
"Kinesiology has changed my life. Before I was introduced to kinesiology I was a very stressed-out individual. I'm a school teacher in Jersey City and just the pressures of everyday life in an urban environment keep me on the edge. I was in a constant state of tension, I used to get the worst headaches. Kinesiology changed all that. After my first visit the headaches began to vanish. Today, I visit my Kinesiologist regularly.  I recommend kinesiology to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of themself. It has changed my life."
D.N., Teacher, New Jersey, USA

Knee injury pain disappears with Kinesiology! - online sessions
"One day I woke up feeling no discomfort at all anywhere in my body, and by evening, my right knee blew up like a balloon, was very painful, and suddenly collapsing when I walked.  I put YLEO’s on it and the pain was significantly reduced to almost gone….until I started walking distances again. The clicking continued.
When Kinga began working with me and discovered that the hip on the side of my knee injury was out of joint, she worked on both issues for about one hour. I remembered that I had some aching in the hip, which was more an annoyance than a pain for approx. 4 months before the knee injury occurred.  After Kinga completed the session and I walked out of my garage up the hill to my apartment….I felt NO PAIN in my knee and NO ACHE at all in the hip. To this day, the hip has  no ache and the knee no pain.  I hear a click every once in a while with no pain at all.
Through Kinga’s knowledge and expertise, she discovered the connection from out of joint hip to the injured knee and balanced both out."
Stanlee P., New Jersey

Living Pain free and with a positive attitude
“After having been suffering from excruciating joint and muscle pain, constant fatigue and general depression for almost two years, I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  My doctor immediately wanted to put me on an antidepressant that allegedly treats this condition.  I refused to take the medication and decided to look for alternative treatments.  That is how I found Kinga and kinesiology.
Before I met Kinga, I knew very little about kinesiology.  I was open, but a little bit skeptical at the beginning.  I remember that during my first visit, I couldn’t imagine how these gentle pushes to my extremities (muscle testing) will help me with my pain.  I remember that I left Kinga’s office even more skeptical after the first visit. My skepticism lasted for a very short time, because even after one treatment I started to experience much less fatigue and felt more energized and rejuvenated.
I returned to Kinga’s office for several more treatments. As a result, today I am almost pain free and have energy and a positive attitude.
Kinga was able to pinpoint the areas in my body that were the roots of my problem and   helped me understand how our mind and body are connected and how repressed emotions store in our body and cause illnesses.  She is very compassionate, listens carefully to everything you have to say and works with you to identify the problem.  She has a holistic approach.  Besides kinesiology her nutritional counseling also helped me a lot.  I am grateful to her to introduce me to essential oils and their healing power. Kinga is a very kind and caring person, who has total dedication to her profession.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to think out-of-the-box when it comes to his or her own health.”
A.H., Jersey City, US

I got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!
"After almost a year of trials of getting pregnant I started being very impatient. That was the time when I heard about Kinga and Kinesiology so we decided with my partner that we give it a try. First, Kinga saw me personally for two sessions and we worked a lot around the emotional and mental aspects, memories and the past that were stopping me from fully embracing being a mother. Then Kinga saw my partner for a couple of sessions and when he worked out what he needed then we went in to see Kinga for one last session as a couple. All this happened in a two month period. I realized that I was pregnant three weeks after we had our last session with Kinga.
Kinga also helped me through my pregnancy using kinesiology and Young Living Essential Oils. I have a beautiful, happy baby boy! And I feel the happiest in my life!"
A. P., New Jersey, USA

My heart is working in harmony again! 
“In the last half a year or so I’ve been experiencing irregular heart beats, occasionally pain in the back and chest tightness. The doctor could not find any abnormalities apart from slightly elevated cholesterol levels. I decided to try a Kinesiology session and see what happens. All the findings were very relevant and the correction exercises were fantastic. Kinga also suggested some food based, organic supplements, which were also great quality. My heart problems basically disappeared in a couple of days and I’m feeling really so much more calm and peaceful since."
Elizabeth G., UK

My daughter started walking at last! - online sessions
“My daughter is 20 months old and still could not walk. She hated her feet being touched or having them touching the ground. I had taken her to physical therapies for long months, which she enjoyed but she still was refusing to try the walking. I had a consultation with Kinga over the phone roughly two weeks ago. She also advised us a couple of exercises that I needed to do with my daughter for her to be able to clear the stress she suffered during her birth. We had some complication during birth and our lives were hanging on a thread. Kinga explained how that could affect her abilities to accept all the goodness of physical therapy and all of my other efforts.
I’ve done all the exercises with my little one every day as Kinga recommended and after four days she stood up and took two steps!!! I was overly excited! We kept doing the exercises and after another two days we couldn’t stop walking with her! By now, she is walking and running by herself!”
Nora B., Transylvania, Romania (transled from original testimony)

Feeling energized again!
"I only needed to see Kinga a few times. After my first session I left feeling relaxed and calm, yet very energised.
Kinga has a very professional and warm manner. She goes into eery detail and really listens to get her understanding of the problem and to apply the solution with confidence.
Even after my consultations, I received great aftercare following up with further advice and generally checking my state of health since being in her care.
I cannot recommend Kinga more highly for kinesiology."
Diane O.N., Melbourne, Australia

On my way to improved recovery from a stroke! ...and able to sleep again!
"Kinga, I'd like to thank you for your help with kinesiology. I've been feeling better since the first session. I came to you with various emotional problems and after the first session I felt much more relaxed.
Later you helped me to regain my sleeping since I used to sleep 2-3 hours a day with medication. Today, thank to God and kinesiology I sleep 6.5 and 7 hours without the medication.
I also have faith to recover from the stroke, which damaged my whole left side. Thank you for the surrogate balance, since then my movements are becoming better every day and I see the results and others, too. The involuntary movements in my face have disappeared."
R.C., New Jersey, USA

Weight loss & improved digestive health!
"My initial goal was to become healthy by improving my liver and pancreas function. And then working further with Kinga and kinesiology my goals changed and it became weight loss as well.
I feel this really worked for me because one of the last sessions we had Kinga cleared my energy of blockages which enabled me to easily and surprisingly accept my new challenge of going raw food for a month and I have considered doing it full time.
I have also lost weight and feel great.
I feel this has really helped me and much to my surprise. To be honest I didn't know what to expect and I decided to just go in with an open mind and I'm really glad I did."
S.G., New York City

Improved management of lymphoedema
'I came to Kinga after suffering chronic Lymphoedema for several years. Using her kinesiology treatment, balancing techniques and advice I am now able to better manage my condition. I am thankful that Kinga came into my life when she did. She is a truly inspirational healer'
E. M., Melbourne, Australia

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